Patio Roof Awnings

For price reference, here are some non-Sunesta awnings:
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Here is the Sunesta page:

Thousands of homeowners would like to shade their patio from the sun. But wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to block their view ? With a retractable awning, they don’t have too. Retractable awnings give you sun when you want it and shade when you need it, providing all of the homeowners needs.

The awning we installed was made by Sunesta. The awning is fabric and it’s made of acrylic fiber. The color of the awning is dyed into the fabric and spun into the yarn. The yarn is then woven into fabric. Because of this process, the fabric has a five year guarantee. The company takes these extra steps to prevent fading because fading is the number one concern of homeowners.

Bad weather can also wreak havoc on awnings. That’s why they are retractable, so the homeowner can roll the awning up when the weather gets bad. By the way, there’s a variety of ways for a homeowner to retract the awning. They can choose a manual handle, a motorized switch or a remote control. If the power ever goes out, it also comes with a manual handle so the homeowner never has to worry about not being able to retract the awning. The electric switch is usually attached to the wall outside. It’s not hardwired, but you can call an electrician to hard wire it for you if you desire.

Homeowners can also buy wind sensors that automatically close the motorized awnings if the wind gets too high.

Installers usually hang awnings right on the wall of the house. But they can also be attached to the roof or the soffit, or overhang of the house. Installers say it’s best to attach the awning to the soffit so it can be protected from the elements when it’s rolled up.

The awning weighs 160 pounds so it takes four aluminum brackets to hold it in place. The brackets are always attached to the studs to give the awning extra support. The good thing about the retractable awning is there aren’t any posts to install. The awning has arms that are attached to it and those arms provide all of the extra support for the awning when it’s fully extended.

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