The Ultimate Guide to Opening Roof Systems, Cost and Design

Opening roof system allows you to make more space for your home. These give your home a distinct look while making your life more comfortable. So, you should invest in them if you want more for your home. Now, let’s talk a bit more about the opening roof system.

Opening Roof System

If you install an opening roof then you can combine your indoor with the outdoor and have a more relaxed time. These are smartly made to give you more control over the space of your home. You can also customize the opening roof with a different roof design. You can install an opening roof with a box frame or combine any other roof design of your choice. 

You can also install many smart features with your opening roof like a rain or heat sensor. The sensors will detect even the minute amount of rain and will start to cover your roof before it’s raining.

Now, let’s talk about the designs.

Opening Roof Design

There several types of roof design that you can pair with your opening roof system. You can have a flat roof, box frame roof, skillion roof, A-frame roof, curved beam, vertical screens, tapered roof, and combine them with opening roof systems. 

Firstly, a flat roof with an opening roof system is a very popular design. Their frame is flat and the posts are steel coated. Then, the box frame roof gives a particularly distinct and premium look and they are perfect for brick houses. You can choose the posts to be either textured board or brick rendered. After that, the skillion roof is a sloped roof design. You can have the frame and posts to be steel powder coated or timber coated.

Then, the A-frame roof has two similar beams of the same size at a 45-degree angle or greater, connected at the apex. After that, if you have a curved home then you can install a curved beam roof to your liking so that the roof can complement your style. Then, vertical screens can be installed with your opening roof to give you more privacy. Finally, the tapered roofs have angles and triangular sections to give a distinct look.

Now, let’s talk about the cost of an opening roof system.

Opening Roof System Cost

The cost of an opening roof mainly depends on the design of the roof that you pair it with. There also several factors to consider as well. Your outdoor area, structure, design, material, etc. determines the cost of your opening roof system. Generally, the roofs start around $1,000 – $2,000 per square meter with the plans and the permit. They start to go up depending on the size, area, design, and the type of materials that you choose. You have to keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on the company that you decide to go with.

Now, let’s discuss weather resistance.

Weather Resistant Opening Roof Coverage

You can also install weather resistance features to your opening roof system. The weather resistance feature gives the roof resistance to sun, wind, thunder, storm, snow, or hail. The roof will reflect the UV rays from the sun to keep your home cool and comfortable. Also, during the hurricane season when the winds are high the roof will keep your home safe from damage. Strong winds can go up to 100-160 mph, and they may tear your roof apart if you do not have wind resistance.

Then, heavy snowfall can pile up on your roof, and if you do not have a roof structure that can hold a lot of snow then it can lead to a collapse of your roof. After that, hail can damage your roof in a lot of ways and the most obvious way is that it can make dents in your roof and make it unsightly.

If you have hail resistance as well then you do not have to worry about it. The weather resistance features may improve your quality of life in harsh weather conditions. So, if you have weather resistance, your outdoor will be safe for you to enjoy in any kind of weather. Opening roof systems are generally built with premium quality aluminum so that they last a long time and give you the perfect roof over your head. 

Now, let’s talk about opening roof specialists.

NSW Opening Roof Specialists

If you want an opening roof then there a number of specialists to be found. The major specialists in the opening roof industry are Louvretec, Vergola, Lumex, Louvre Roofs Australia.

First of all, Louvretec is a market leader in Australia that specializes in aluminum opening roofs, sun louvres, retractable roofs, and shutter systems. They can provide you with ten opening roof options along with premium quality binds. They can also give you solutions to any kind of residential, commercial, hospitality, or any kind of open space with an opening roof system. 

Then, Vergola has been around the industry for more than thirty years and they have provided thousands of homes and businesses with the opening roof system. They have opening roof specialists, along with designers, and top of the line installers to assure you that you will receive an exceptional opening roof with unmatched quality and service.

After that, Lumex will give you the opening roof of your choice that you can enjoy in all seasons. Also, they will help you increase the value of your home. They also give a 10-year limited warranty and within that time if you face any problem they will come and fix it. 


Finally, Louvre Roofs Australia is a company that is 100% dedicated to its customers. They have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. They will give you opening roofs that will last you a long time so that you can live without worry.